Being a Teenager

Welcome to your teens
You won’t understand what this means
Your body is yet maturing
Your thoughts are more enduring

These are times, you feel your parents “don’t get it”
Only because they love you, but you won’t admit it

For your age and new mindset
Cause new stages, and parental threats
Without warnings and restrictions
Your behavior becomes addictions
Things that tug at you to hide and lie
May soon put you in danger, or worse-you could die

I do want you to know, you are very important
Please find your goals, take your time-let it flow
Don’t let anyone stop you, or get in your path
For what you give to this world
should make you happy, not sad
Take time for yourself, to find your own way
Whether a doctor, a writer, it’s what your heart displays

So while you’re in school, learn all that you can
For it molds you to be, the best person within
In your teen years, don’t worry about others
It is your time to create, and to discover

One day you will be, all grown up and you’ll see
That being a teen, is easier than perceived
If you are strong and independent, these are the clues
To become what you want to, because You are you

Don’t live for others, not even your parents
We may think we are right
but we’re sometimes a deterrent
When lost in your world, please ask for advice
When trusting each other, this works out really nice

Respect is given when it is received
But lying and hiding things, leads to deceit
Don’t let your world become dark from within
There’s always an outlet, don’t let life get dim

So move on my love, enjoy your young life
That draws me so near, but, with parental fright
Together we will get through the awkward stages
Of your teenage life, that shows you are aging

Love yourself, enough to know when to run
From what you were told, would be teenage fun
Make good decisions now, and you won’t be ashamed
In the future, you will have no one to blame

True to your life is what only you can create
Live for Your dreams and for no one else’s sake




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