Release Me by DariBluestar

Unconsciously a lot of us don’t realize
And therefore, are not aware
That you don’t really love yourself
If you worry what other people care

If you always need opinions
Because you can’t decide
Something’s not right
If “always wrong” is how you view your mind

There is a lack of confidence
That creates a nervous fear
It stops your inner-being
Cause self-love is nowhere near

If life is all cause and effect
To awaken your mind out of its rest
It takes a negative vibe like something traumatic
For your emotional state to click into automatic
In shock you get on the “fight or flight” stage
Accept whatever happened and get into a new mind frame

You will soon be filled with information
And your life will then revolve
On your new-found transformation
That only you can make evolve

You will discover that you have achieved it
When your self-perception begins to change
You become aware of real life and now care
Of what You think, do, and say

No more going through life’s motions
As you begin to realize
If your past was lived for others
It’s your turn to learn to fly

In the process of discovering
And being open to your mind
New creations of your inner-self
Release your true-life’s design

You then begin to wonder
What has taken you so long
It’s all so clear and now you hear
Your heart’s calling, it’s where you belong

Now that you are ready
And release the illusions of fear
Your life will change and rearrange
Around your inner-sphere

Think with the heart
What your mind will create
The energy comes and the thought then escapes
The universe gathers all of the power
Your thoughts put to motion, in the same hour

Keep calling your dreams
And think of your goals
Don’t be afraid as the energy flows
All of a sudden your answer begins
Your mind filled with visions
The outcome, your best from within

The secret to life, your key, now you see
The power was in you, and will always be
For it is not selfish for your heart’s desire
To find your life’s mission and take yourself higher

Life becomes complete, you are feeling fulfilled
What an honor in life, to receive what your heart and mind built


Artwork by DariBluestar ©

Spiritual Lessons


Sometimes-when you have to struggle in life, it teaches you to be grateful and your mind & heart are open to creativity, inner peace and a greater appreciation of a simpler life.  This then allows the universe to provide, while you are out enjoying nature again.

Life’s Maze-Are You Stuck In It?

We grow up and begin to wonder about life as we age.  When we are young and feeling invincible, we don’t envision ourselves dying.  We assume we will live to be old before we rest in peace.  Life is a psychological wonder.  As you get closer to each decade, your thought pattern changes; or, is it that it adjusts?  Some people have trouble turning 30, while others don’t.  Whatever your “marker” is, don’t worry; once you pass it, things get better and the next decade won’t be as depressing.  You feel you become wiser with age; I suppose if you are quick to learn from life’s lessons, you are that much wiser.  Those that don’t learn live in a cycle they don’t realize they can break.  They have to reach a breaking point to find their way out, but a lot of people don’t allow themselves to get there.  There are only a few doors in the maze, but for some reason they continue through the winding channels.  Those who are willing to open the door with hope of escaping see only darkness ahead.  Many will close that door due to the darkness and assume it’s just a dark, empty place without investigating it further.  Some will step forward to find that the darkness was only the shadow of the tall, wide maze.  They then realize they could have gotten out long ago if they only had the courage to trust in themselves and follow their instinct, instead of trusting their eyes that only saw a never ending path—that merely lead to false hope.   The maze is merely your conditioned thoughts.  The secret is out.  Thoughts pass and new ones replace it.  So, release the bad thought and allow yourself to change the pattern.

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Learning to Love Life

You haven’t lived life if:

You are out and about and can’t hear the birds
The sounds of God’s blessings are meant to be heard

You’re so busy inside, you don’t get enough light
The sun is for you, to grow food and to feed
All of the nations, for all are in need
Your skin needs it too, and so does your mind
The sun makes us happy; and provides us all life

You haven’t lived life if:

When you’re with your friends, you hold back your laugh
Let yourself go, you won’t wet your pants
And if someone does, it just goes to show
You’re all having a blast, the best one that you know

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A Good Woman Knows…

A good woman to a good man might be:

A woman that smiles, his heart she wins
Her eyes are so trusting, her soft touch on his skin

She cooks with love, makes me feel like a king
She always gives thanks, for the littlest things

She lifts me up when I am in doubt
She will encourage my goals, and likes to chill out

She is not too materialistic, and hardly complains
But even when she does, it is not with disdain

She keeps the house well, and has really great taste
Her attire is nice, her demeanor-with grace

When we are intimate, she is a tiger
Exerting her feelings, of which I admire

She enhances creations, from within my mind
A good woman’s trait, when her love is so kind

When I’m overworked, she understands
And begins to massage me, with those beautiful hands

She respects my true person, and knows how to manage
When my anger begins, I do not take advantage

She knows when I’m sick; I may act like a baby
She is at my side, and her love is displayed to me

She likes to have fun
This we have in common
We don’t have to compete
And it’s such a relief

I love being around her, and when she’s away
I don’t mind that she tells me, about her fun day

A good woman knows:

That as a man
I will open the door and offer my hand
She’s not filled with pride that I can’t make
A gentleman’s offer, which makes me feel great

A man always pays, but once in a while
She gives me a break, and inside I smile

She also sees, that when a game’s on
If she doesn’t watch with, she leaves me alone
And since she loves me, she gives me a hand
At making some snacks, or a meal for my friends

A good woman knows:

A man’s deep desire
And his mom can see why, his heart is on fire


In My Mother’s Home

In the older days, mothers made the house a home
She’d fill it with love and cooked for your soul
She’d make your favorite foods, when you did something especially good
And when you were sick and couldn’t sleep
There came that warm milk, love’s such a treat

She’d gently teach you life lessons
Never a spanking, instead just wise words
That burned in your mind and kept you in line

Back then she would sew, made pretty clothes for her girls
Surprised me with my first uniform
For a show, in which I would twirl
I was happy and nervous, yet so proud to be
In the uniform that, my mom made for me

My dad didn’t like it, didn’t like what he’d seen
But my mom made my surprise, and I wore it indeed
He was just being dad, seeing I was growing up a bit
But my mom knew, how to handle him

She did things with love, with so much care
She made everything easy and childhood pleasing
When I grew up, I took with me
Everything that I loved that was gifted in thee
I cooked to your standards the things I could make
I would taste them and say, “Man I did great”

I took all of your lessons, in my child I instilled
To be grateful in life, make it what you will
Life’s not always grand, you may be alone
But always make your house, a very loving home


Wants vs. Needs


I “wanted” myself poor
I didn’t stop at needs
A lot came through my door
And one is on the street

I couldn’t stop at nice
My eyes preferred the fancy
It now holds me down
And I’m not truly happy

Yet, in my financial mess
I don’t want the blame
It’s the visual effects
Of the psychological games

If I could “want” myself to save
As much as I had spent
On unnecessary things I’ve bought
I’d feel rich by the year ten

I would have a lot less
And a job that I would love
Then from there all my checks
Would feel like a bonus from above

I would have real food on my plate
And my favorite clothes on my back
My social life pleasing
My love-life intact

I would not owe on past bills
I would pay all in cash
On quality things, so I know they would last

No credit debt, I have all I need
And on my many vacations, I would do as I please

If I “wanted” myself richer
Instead of feeding visual desires
My emotional state would integrate
Within wisdom and not lack in power

I now see the reality
What more could I expect
When I lacked a certain quality
I now know, is self-respect

No more wasting money
Which is just abuse
I work too hard, to give away
The many things that I don’t use