Unconsciously a lot of us don’t realize And therefore, are not aware That you don’t really love yourself If you worry what other people care If you always need opinions Because you can’t decide Something’s not right If “always wrong” is how you view your mind There is a lack of confidence That creates a … More Self-Love

Spiritual Lessons

Sometimes-when you have to struggle in life, it teaches you to be grateful and your mind & heart are open to creativity, inner peace and a greater appreciation of a simpler life.  This then allows the universe to provide, while you are out enjoying nature again.

Wants vs. Needs

I “wanted” myself poor I didn’t stop at needs A lot came through my door And one is on the street I couldn’t stop at nice My eyes preferred the fancy It now holds me down And I’m not truly happy Yet, in my financial mess I don’t want the blame It’s the visual effects … More Wants vs. Needs