It’s All Your Fault (Self-Abuse)

It’s all your fault
I can’t find my shoes
I don’t know where I put them
So I’m blaming you

It’s all your fault
I don’t want to eat
What you took time to make
I don’t want on my plate

It’s all your fault
When I’m not in the “mood”
I’m not happy in life, our love will never renew

It’s all your fault
I don’t want to come home
You are driving me crazy
And I feel so alone

It’s all your fault
We are getting divorced
We are selling the house
And it all is by force

It’s all your fault
That you couldn’t see
That your life would revolve
All around me

It’s all your fault
I committed the sin
Of lusting someone, and that I gave in

And it’s still your fault
That my heart is now empty
You won’t forgive and you just want to blame me

Nor is it my fault
That you were so weak
There were times I would laugh
At how mean I could be

But it was always my fault
Now that we’re over, our demise was due
To my lifestyle crossover

It’s been quite a while, that it all began
If you haven’t noticed, I have since ruined your plans

Self-abuse:  When You don’t love yourself enough to make changes and allow others to ruin your life.  How much of your life have you wasted?



Author: EmotionalNotions

Easy going, simple & learning to love writing. I have 2 Sites: ReconnectedMind & EmotionalNotions

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