Meaning of a Hug

A hug is a powerful embrace
It can give your soul a better place
It can break down a wall of envy
And take away a neurotic frenzy

It can redirect lost passion
And reduce the things you feared
A hug is so much greater
Than the material things we’ve reared

If you yell at me, I’ll hug you
For I know something is wrong
That inside your angry spirit
There is calm beyond that wall

Once the hug is almost over
Tears of grief may be released
Then your soul will soon find comfort
And we can talk, with love increased

A hug is a form of protection
Which is given from within
Between those arms you feel secure
And know love still exists

To a child, a hug is love and reinforcement
To an adult, it is a powerful force
That reclaims love’s endorsement

Sometimes the hug can be a hint
A statement that you want a deeper relationship
Or, it can simply state
Thank you for being my friend today

Never give a hug, if it’s not meant to be with love
Behind that precious moment, is a gift as from above
And never turn it down, if what is deeply needed
Is a way to get back grace, to a heart that has been impeded

There are times, a hug leaves you distressed
With a curious mind, not sure if I should confess
That before I stepped into those arms, there was no question
No hidden agenda, no greater dimension
But the way your hug was given, now makes me believe
That an amazing gift could be behind
The special hug that you gave me



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