Relationship Mistakes

Falling in love is so nice at first
The attention, the romance, but then things get worse
Why do we act like everything’s fine
When it’s really the time, to discuss what’s not right

Too polite to each other since the beginning
Trying to impress, earn the trust; feel you’re winning
We tell little lies to be together
Yes I like this, that and whatever

That is the worst thing we can do
Creates a new person, that’s not truly you
Why create a self- illusion
When it will only cause future confusion

With time some things change, no longer on fire
The impressing stage fades, then someone grows tired
Neither one dares, to admit the truth
But it could be done, with tenderness too

Just treat each other like you are always dating
But from the beginning, the truth-no upgrading
It will be more fun, if you are always you
No need to pretend, or end up a fool

Never treat others better than your true love
Because if you do, it’s a relationship snub
The betrayal then starts, and the resentment begins
Before you know it, love comes to an end
There’s no more respect, and it just becomes
A relationship trap, until one wants to run

So let’s not waste time, and continue to communicate
We should always state how we feel, and not pretend to be okay
Let’s be realistic and treat each other with respect
When life gets in a rut, don’t run, let’s just take care of it
Always be yourself with room for new adventures
But never trade your soul, just to be together



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