Passive Aggressive

You came to our department, a new culture for you
You were quick to analyze, who you would antagonize too
I welcomed you with dignity, and thought, from you, I could learn
But soon found out, you’re not that kind, instead you like to burn

Your petty situations, only you would create
To diminish our value, so you’d appear great
I caught on to you in no time, you see
You thought I was dumb, but with time, we had tea

 I figured you out, when you were upset
It didn’t take long, and no longer a threat
I offered you snacks, when they were given to me
That was the secret, your weakness, my key

You then quickly moved on, to your next victim
I pretended to like you, and we had peace since then
You thought I was inferior, but to my delight
Without a valid reason, you were still somewhat despised
Your behavior of being, passive aggressive

Was stealthily turned on you, and I taught You a lesson

Your superior seemed stunned, that we got along
Now all of your lies, seemed to be, a bit wrong
They weren’t wise enough, to call out your bluff
Nor did they learn, from what they should have discerned
That your need for attention, caused our department’s dissension
With all their degrees, how blind could they be

 I was so much wiser, than you thought You were
In the philosophy of life, I’m not such an amateur
The mind game was fun, you were humbled, I won
As for your next target, I hope it too, is a short run



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