Closet Challenge-No More Than 80

Hello readers.  I have a challenge that should relieve a burden that you may not even realize you have.  I found this out when I truly cleaned out my closet after visiting Old World Wisconsin.  It’s a beautiful place with an 1880s village from various countries displaying how they lived in early Wisconsin.  My favorite was the general store.

Back in 2012 I owned a cozy 2 bedroom home that I called my cabin.  After visiting Old World Wisconsin, I realized I had way too many clothes in my closet that I never used; and wondered why I was keeping them, when someone with a greater need could enjoy them.  I decided to evaluate all of those clothes hanging first, as others were in containers in the attic.  I discovered that I wore about 25 percent of the clothes.   The rest were just there…not being used, just filling it for no reason.  My light bulb moment went on.  I then decided-only items that currently fit me will be in my closet for all seasons.  When I reached for any items, I knew they would fit.  No more “this doesn’t fit” days.

I came to a conclusion that around 80 items would be sufficient for me.  There are many ways to view this: but when you realize how many items you keep wearing over and over and ignore the others, this was more than enough.  For my lifestyle as a working woman, I chose to allow: 10 blouses, 4 jeans, 8 slacks, 10 skirts, 5 nice dresses,  4 blazers, 6 sweaters (over your attire), 6 sweaters (pullover), 8 t-shirts,  5 shorts, 4 capris, 5 summer dresses.  That adds up to 75 hanging items.  I used those hangers that hold five items each and you drop them to create more rod space.  I would put two items per slot; my closet was neat and spacious, no longer bunching up or wrinkling my clothes.  This made room for a few extra accessories to easily find and reach for on hooks.  There was only one wooden shelf above the long wooden rod, as it was an older home.  Other items were destined to be there.

I challenge you to consider a closet review.  There are people in need that could use your unused articles of clothing that you haven’t even missed wearing.  You may experience a few selfish moments, or nostalgic memories. Keep a few of what’s close to your heart, but let the rest be worn by someone in need.  You may even rediscover what others will view as a new wardrobe.  You’re not throwing good clothes away. You’re just giving them new life.  If you have time to sell them, make that your “fun” money.  I raised over $90 on clothes alone in two days.  I gave a lot away to a needy family, and the rest went to a thrift store.

I hope you participate in this challenge.  Let me know your emotional experiences during the process and your end result.  Compete with your friends, pass it on.   Then have a victory night with your “fun” money.


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