Low Self-Esteem

There are those who think they’re not depressed
At work their face will express
I’m happy here and nothing’s wrong
It’s just work-related stress, that’s all

When they get home, a new feeling within
The dark cloud takes over, the evil begins
There’s nothing but fighting, yelling and blame
An identity crisis, the issues, the same

Everyone sees it, except for you
The strong, balanced person-has a breaking point too

How long has it been, that you lived in peace
Totally stress-less, happy and free
When did you hand over your freedom and mind
In exchange for anxiety, withdrawal and lost pride

Your eyes show a story and it’s not looking good
You’re aging much faster, than you normally should
You’re in denial, it’s part of the strife
The low self-esteem, can give question to life

Don’t let pride claim the person you were
Hiding deep in your heart, I know you’re still there
Somehow we lost you, it was quite gradual
Take back your soul, you’re emotionally fragile

But there is an answer, and He is Love
He’s reclaiming his child, because He doesn’t give up
He wants you to live, happy again
So please get some help, reconnect, with your family and friends

Do not give up hope, put on your armor
God is your shield, He is your Father
Prepare to confront the hardship at last
This battle is His, it will come to past

(Be strong, don’t give up, allow His grace to lift you out)



Author: EmotionalNotions

Easy going, simple & learning to love writing. I have 2 Sites: ReconnectedMind & EmotionalNotions

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