You Made Me Better

I know that it hurts, to break up with your man
But if he cheated on you, you must take a stand
If he tries to get back with you, just give yourself some time
To think about your future, and release the hurt inside

We never know the answers, when the loneliness begins
But sometimes we discover, it’s so much easier without them
If we allow our pain to stir up, something deep inside
Within time we know we’ll end up, with new wings to give us flight

But right now I just can’t take it, all day and night I weep
And when I think, how much hurts, I cry myself to sleep
When I wake I feel much better, I begin to realize
It wasn’t me that did the wrong, I just ignored the signs

I deserve a better man, and it’s the perfect time
To get my life together, re-evaluate my life
Today I make a promise, this love is all for me
Until I’m good and ready, and develop my new wings

Every day is so much clearer, I value myself more
There’s still a little hurt, that I just can’t ignore
But I now know how to use it, as a new strength I’ve never had
I  survived and this has changed me, I’m not walking in the past

I have so much more to offer, than I ever had before
I’m so happy with my new self; I feel stronger, no more war
It’s not worth all the fighting, just to hold on to a man
It’s best to be alone, get strong, be happy–which I am

Our end was inspiration, for my new life to begin
I’ll never let another man, become so close so quick
Next time things will be better, a friend for a long time
I have to see his moods at peak, so I don’t get surprised

But, get together, just to have a man
No longer works, just not worth it, and now I understand
I’ve gone through all the stages, and I turned out just fine

Now it’s your turn, don’t let the hurt, paralyze your mind
Take time to breathe, embrace your peace, it’s your time to fly



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