Meaning of a Hug

A hug is a powerful embrace It can give your soul a better place It can break down a wall of envy And take away a neurotic frenzy It can redirect lost passion And reduce the things you feared A hug is so much greater Than the material things we’ve reared If you yell at … More Meaning of a Hug

Passive Aggressive

You came to our department, a new culture for you You were quick to analyze, who you would antagonize too I welcomed you with dignity, and thought, from you, I could learn But soon found out, you’re not that kind, instead you like to burn Your petty situations, only you would create To diminish our … More Passive Aggressive

Low Self-Esteem

  There are those who think they’re not depressed At work their face will express I’m happy here and nothing’s wrong It’s just work-related stress, that’s all When they get home, a new feeling within The dark cloud takes over, the evil begins There’s nothing but fighting, yelling and blame An identity crisis, the issues, … More Low Self-Esteem