I’m Sorry

Why is it so hard to say, these two simple words
That can help reduce the pain, they need to be heard
Instead of pretense or fear, I just wish I could hear:

I’m sorry that I caused you
To hurt and maybe cry
I’m sorry for the time we lost
Due to my stupid pride

I have wasted so much time
We could have shared together
Thinking how to hurt you back
What would feel to you, forever

I was offended, and got really mad
Not sure why, and yes, it is quite sad
But in reality, you did nothing wrong
You’ve told me the truth, but it was too strong

I know I lied, and didn’t fix, the things that I created
But losing you, I did not expect; it was not anticipated

I never was the type, to apologize
I’m sorry if I caused, your heart to agonize
I wish I was a better person, now that I can see
How with time healing comes, but now you’re not near me

I have to say I’m sorry, deep down you must know
Or in the day of my last breath, those words release my soul

Pride—one of the deadly sins; it goes before destruction of: a marriage, a job, and even friendship.




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