The Kitchen Table

 Conversation Time

If you are like me, then you are able
To sit with the girls at the kitchen table
And have a good time, there’s no need for wine
Because what will be said, you will take to bed
Thinking how great was your day, what a wonderful stay
At what has become, the confession booth fun

Watch out, we Will cackle
And cry from the laughter
For the things that are said, there is no back tracker

Once out in the open, the quiet ones see
How much fun it is, to be honest and free

We talk about friends, we talk about men
We talk about God, we talk about love
There are visual signs, high blood pressure too
When we talk of our jobs, and our boss, the big goof

When it comes to our past, we release now with laughter
What we once couldn’t tell, we just hid very well
Time does heal the wounds, and support’s always able
To bring the girls to the kitchen table

We burst out in laughter
He walks in the room, everyone’s quiet
He says “what?” real soon
Inside we are dying, we know something new
No longer private, brought to the table’s climate.

Remember what’s said, and it’s been done
The kitchen table, confession booth fun.



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