Wandering Eyes

I’m a man of good taste, good values and fun.
Loving my wife, over 20 years’ run.

I love her dearly, yet something is wrong
In her voice, I still hear her song.
It’s not lack of beauty, good love or attention
I’m beginning to see life, in another dimension.

I’ve grown rounder and my hair is thinner
I’m not sure of me, am I still a winner?
I’m beginning to worry and it’s quite a fright.
Why am I changing, what do I fight?

Is this the change where I feel I must conquer?
A new hunter’s game, to satisfy what I wonder?

Most men regret leaving, with time they decide
What I had was good; why did I lie to my mind?
To myself I did damage, I can’t shake my thoughts
She was the world to me, where did I go wrong?

She is the gauge that I use to measure
With the next one, will I have pleasure?
Will this one fulfill my needs from within?
No one seems to make it, I’m lost; life is grim.

I’m mad at the world, yet I have no one to blame
But myself at my age, I should be ashamed.
I knew that I questioned myself at that stage
For those thoughts made me weak, I reacted, engaged.
I responded to thoughts, and not from the heart
So now I pay dearly, I was not very smart.

We all go through changes, both men & women
Physical and emotional, you make life your lesson.
Too bad it takes over, if you have no control
For life’s greatness is really, how much you let go.

If you released those thoughts, from when they appeared,
Your life would happy and without fear.
You learn to deal with emotions, if you’re strong in God’s love,
He gave us the pathway, He gave us his son.

You know temptation may enter your mind
So put on your armor, don’t let evil align
Fight for your love, until death, to the end.
The only struggle will be, the one from within.
Don’t let temptation seize your life plans
In order to keep her, your very best friend.



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