The Mirror Within

It’s been a long time that I’ve been with this man
I’m getting tired of being so mad
I’m beginning to feel, that he is just here
But wonder without him, what will I fear

I have to decide what I will do
Is this just a phase, or is it me too
That won’t recognize the problems, you see
For they come from within, the problem is me

He is a good man that provides and loves well
I cannot imagine him, with someone else
For it will hurt me too great, if he’s not by my side
I’m still in love, I just realized

He doesn’t deserve this side of me
Where did it come from, I never did see

I must face my fears and deal with myself
Adjust my mindset, and get some help
For I knew all along, a woman does change
As we age we become, hormonally strange

The men recognize it, but we think they complain
When reality is, we are not quite the same
If we could see the changes as they come
We could control the symptoms with love

We could get some direction from nature itself
Your nutrition’s important, and very stealth
Not enough vitamins, sun or vacations
Changes your body, leads to degeneration

We don’t see it coming or want to admit it
But people around us, start teasing us with it
You’re acting a fool, a bit too emotional
When you start hearing those words, the issue’s controllable

So ladies, you see, it’s just nature’s course
You’re not going crazy,
You are just, gracefully aging

Now deal with the inside and you will soon see
A beautiful flower preserving its seed
Love yourself, take it in stride
Your man will adore you, for taking care of that side.



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