I’m Sorry

Why is it so hard to say, these two simple words That can help reduce the pain, they need to be heard Instead of pretense or fear, I just wish I could hear: I’m sorry that I caused you To hurt and maybe cry I’m sorry for the time we lost Due to my stupid … More I’m Sorry

The Kitchen Table

  If you are like me, then you are able To sit with the girls at the kitchen table And have a good time, there’s no need for wine Because what will be said, you will take to bed Thinking how great was your day, what a wonderful stay At what has become, the confession … More The Kitchen Table

Wandering Eyes

I’m a man of good taste, good values and fun. Loving my wife, over 20 years’ run. I love her dearly, yet something is wrong In her voice, I still hear her song. It’s not lack of beauty, good love or attention I’m beginning to see life, in another dimension. I’ve grown rounder and my … More Wandering Eyes